Month: November 2016

It can be known

Photo of the Vatican Museum

But then I will know fully, just as I am fully known. Did the unknown hide from me or did I hold unto what I needed to be true? In being fully known, I imagine the undoing of a life of attainment in a… Continue Reading “It can be known”

Completeness Comes

Roman Forum

You can see in part.  But that will disappear. Photo at Roman Forum in Italy

Land Use

Roman Forum

I was building a house where there was a house already built. Photo of the Roman Forum ruins in Italy.

Functional Spaces

Street in Rome, Italy

There was a space to move.  That can be a starting point. Photo of Rome, Italy.


Rome, Italy cow car

Sometimes you need to know everything you are taking in. Photo from Rome, Italy.

Making More Needs

Photo - Rome, Italy

I may not stop at a place which had just what I needed. Photo – Rome, Italy

If I could find it there

Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Love isn’t gilt. Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Winning Side? (Thanksgiving style)

Photo at Vatican Museum

Well, some days the bird does win. Photo at Vatican Museum