Month: November 2016


Vatican Museum

I went to my assigned place. But then I decided to stop assigning myself there. So this is what the beginning and ending of order feels like. Photo at Vatican Museum

The Source

Vatican Museum

I didn’t think there was enough until I understood what the Source is. Then I realized I wanted so little. Photo at Vatican Museum

Fiercely held imaginations

Papal Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls

Sometimes it’s a sacrifice to become something beyond what we can imagine. Because we have to give up what have imagined. Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall


San Teodoro

I’ve had thoughts about which is the better journey. And sometimes, in the end, it didn’t matter. I’ve had gnawing concern that I took the wrong journey. And sometimes it didn’t matter. I’ve put so much into validating a particular journey. And that’s when… Continue Reading “Paths”

Go Deep

Mary at San Teodoro

Sometimes you side-eye them, but you allow love to change you anyway. Photo of Virgin Mary icon at San Teodoro in Rome, Italy.


Vatican Museum

When life gives you lemons, slice them another way. Photo of Vatican Museum


Vatican Courtyard

Sometimes you put yourself where you can focus on the blooming flower. Photo of Vatican courtyard 


Basilica Ceiling

I didn’t fix my eyes on one thing. But then, I tend to do that a lot. Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Rome, Italy