Month: November 2016


Cherub at Play

Play. People talk about the lack of opportunity to play. I think there is a lack of definitions. Photo at St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy


Large Head in Store

There are shops that sell things that you always think you need.  For instance, there could be a reality where I have giant head in my house. But it is probably more profitable for me to imagine uses for this head than to collect… Continue Reading “Collecting”

Our Lady of Accurate Translation

Mary at St Peters

I spoke with an Italian in English.  I felt self-centered when she asked me to slow down a little bit.  I was thinking I should have been more mindful and done that anyway. It’s easy to be overseas and “forget where you are” and think… Continue Reading “Our Lady of Accurate Translation”


Streets like snakeskin

I liked the roads in Rome that made it seem like you were being invited some place if you just keep your eyes ahead of you. Now, I look at the picture and I keep seeing a snakeskin road and something about that seems inviting,… Continue Reading “Snakeskin”

Rich Bitterness

So this is Italian hot chocolate.

Rare Colors

Maria was our iconographer who uses only color in nature.


Security for meeting the Pope

Getting to this Point

St Peter's Basilica

Getting to St Peter’s Square to meet the Pope at the General Audience