“They seek to tear down what is restrictive, corrupting and inhibiting in order to build a society in which men may work and live in harmony with nature and each other. They believe in man’s creative potential and the whole movement is dedicated to the proposition that if the Negro could but free himself of the frustrations of an unjust social order, the achievements of the human mind and heart would be limitless.” Martin Luther King, Jr., “After Desegregation–What”, 1961

The mind is my sanctuary
When I think my flesh couldn’t please God
Like some inalienable right.

The heart is my drive
To cast out controlling fear
That shames a sacred rite.

The potential is my hope
In what hangs the earth on nothing
So I see a way to write.

The right is less than I could be.
The rite is what will always be.
To write is to create beyond limited harmony.

Photo of Martin Luther King, Jr dedication in Washington, DC

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