Month: April 2017

Easter Dresses Contemplative

I saw you in every color and I recognized what I hadn’t seen. I saw you blossom so I planted more. I saw you hugging and my distances were narrowed. I didn’t wait to see you. I only needed to see. Photo at Annandale… Continue Reading “Easter Dresses Contemplative”

Simultaneous Words

Rising emerged as one was my downfall. There were no parts but a congealed unit That announced itself by agreeing. So I divided and let each part conquer with its own language, that came from one word. They speak of joyful destruction. And one… Continue Reading “Simultaneous Words”

Maundy Honestly

I share the bread but hide my notion so that an image of kind devotion is my sacrifice; the hour that I tarry.   But I am not a Judas in intent. I do not kiss nor circumvent. But underprice the communion; I am… Continue Reading “Maundy Honestly”