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Out in the Open

If I were to be frank, I would just do it. No hesitation. I wouldn’t wonder and plot all of the paths. Dissect the layers of meaning. And find the intersection where it would all work out. I would just be frank. But then,… Continue Reading “Out in the Open”

This step

I chose a road, But they came with me. I chose now, But they will be. I left the load And some left swiftly. But we’ll remain, Not one, but see …. Photo of Rome, Italy

Top Shelf Spirits

I know my heart is in the right place. Though it seems like an orange for sale, On the bottom row. Below the soda. Photo of Rome, Italy

I’m getting out

The exit I was looking for was people who were against others. This was the sum and total of my reasoning. An elaborate escape plan Reduced to binary thinking. There’s a zero.  There’s a  one. The exit I wasn’t looking for was there are no… Continue Reading “I’m getting out”

Blue Ice

The fallen ice upheaves and people adapt. They freeze or fly. They’re enclosed or entwined. In the extremes, they are what life has always been and yet, what it could be as well. Photo of Rome, Italy.

This Light was then

From one source, each lamp is lit. Reflecting their time, archaic, but now. The wear of life, which never fit, The lights attire, the dark disavow. Photo of Apt near Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

It was what was meant

I can trace my lineage. It wasn’t erased. When they tried,  they didn’t miss what they lost. Photo at Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

Where is my sanctuary?

Photo at St Anthony's Church in Rome, Italy

For a tent was set up. The first part: a  lamp stand, table, and the bread of the Presence. This was called the Holy Place. (Heb 9:2) Then, my heart in fear, rage, and indifference. These two have to mix well. Photo at St Anthony’s Church… Continue Reading “Where is my sanctuary?”