Dr. Vaughn Class Project

My blogging has been healing to me.  It makes me dig deeper to understand why some ideas jumped out of me when I was reading.

1. Life Steward
This poem was inspired by this quote in Nelson, p. 21.
“Feelings, then, are neither antirational nor irrational. Let us consider feelings as the wholeness of human response to the realities experienced by the person. To be sure, simply an emotional response can be a denigration of reason. It can mean irrational excess.”

I had a tree with a broken limb in my yard which is pictured in the post. I was flooded with all of the imagined possibilities of what could happen if I didn’t take care of the limb. I realized, though, that I am disengaged from life and the hope and possibilities with life in some ways otherwise.  It is forcing me to see in order to draw a spouse or more community to be more involved in the possibilities of wholeness of others.

2. Unclassifiable
I was inspired by these two quotes:
“Such things are dirty because they confuse and contradict out cherished understandings and classifications of social order.” Nelson p. 23
“The abominations described in Leviticus were to be scrupulously shunned because the obscure and unclassifiable elements which did not fit the pattern of the cosmos were always threatening to intrude upon order. They were incompatible with holiness and blessing.” Nelson p. 24

I can relate to the concept of not wanting to be defined or labeled. This is a different concept than wanting to just be known by a label. This has encouraged me to break away from being all over the place, per se, but land. Sameness doesn’t have to be a rut or being unoriginal.

3. In the thoughts of the marrow
I was inspired by the Yeats quote, “We only believe those thoughts which have been conceived not in the brain, but in the whole body.” Nelson p. 31

This made me think, though, that sometimes our body betrays us in what is right and healing.

4. Incorporated
I was inspired by the talk of Song of Solomon in Nelson, pg 33

I wanted to interpret sex from the literal view of Song of Songs.

5. Speaking

I was inspired by talking to JCADA.  They helped me to see that my family story was abuse in a way.

6. Beyond

Since MLK day came during the class assignment, I wanted to write from the perspective of how the lack of freedom effects every aspect of society.  Some religious people view marriage and family at the core of advancing Christian principles and the core of the church in society.  Although this is limited in that it blocks the potential of other voices, the merit that this voice provides is limited if people choose people based on a person is better based on Earthly validations.

Even the choice to be single is not a clear choice and does not allow for the fullness of God’s purpose if people are judged by Earthly merit.  I asked a Catholic Sunday school teacher why do the Catholics celebrate the life long virginity of Mary when they don’t celebrate it for women in general.  He said basically that the value of virginity is important for attractive women.

7. This Intimacy

I was inspired by our guest speaker, Ann Wilson, MSN.  She talked about countries where men would share stories of using condoms so that other men would think about using them.  I was thinking the men have a greater respect for each other than the women they are sleeping with.

8. The days

This poem came to me in thinking about my sexual ethic.  I was thinking about what it means to keep the romance alive, per se, in a long term relationship.  It was a little bit of struggle, since I haven’t had one.  The world talks about how difficult it is to keep things as new and fresh as when you are first in a relationship.  I read an article on Huffington Post that talked about how some couples stop French kissing due to the weight of intimacy.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-gornto/5-reasons-why-married-cou_b_6437086.html  I was thinking that the key to a long term success is figuring out how to embrace the intimacy and let it be something that can continue and you don’t have to run from it.  This is where the newness is.

9. Never Certain

I have been thinking about a quote from a book for my class last semester, Cultivating Mental Health through Spiritual Discipline.   The quote is given in the page.  I think at the root of love is the vulnerability we must have before God.  Without this, we set ourselves up for the failure that comes because we are expectations will never be met.




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