Guard for Pope General Audience – Oct 19, 2016

So my co-worker asked about security for the Pope.  I showed him this guy:


He laughed and said no matter what you are carrying, if you wearing those shoes, I’m not going to be afraid.  I didn’t think about these things at the time.  So Security can be many things.


So for a moment, security was color and laughter.

Gallery of photos I took of the Pope.

Getting to this Point

St Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City – October 19

Getting to St Peter’s Square to meet the Pope at the General Audience address:

  • Being happy there was an organizer so I could sleepily follow the leader.
  • Letting empty spaces have their voice:


  • Knowing something will happen here and people will keep explaining what that is:


Gallery of photos I took of the Pope.