Life Steward

Trees in Arlington, VA

Brokenness sounds
Like a branch with a slight tear.
Compelling discourse of imagined err.
Possible hurt is as now.
But wholeness is shrugged
Like the healthy bough.

Photo of Arlington, VA

Signs. Roman Style

Photo in Rome, Italy

Roman Law is in effect.

All foresaw its coming.

Where food and drinks are circumspect,

the fortitude is numbing.

New years come on marked streets.

in arrears already.

When dull mottos must repeat,

Save gelato and spaghetti.

Photo in Rome, Italy.

There’s still time

Baton Rouge Christmas Mall

There’s still time to stand eye to eye,

becoming still and being met.

Intaking resolute joy,

So that to have no need of debt.

And every plan of new descent

is left for what’s unknown.

Anticipation is cast off

and full awareness hone.

Photo of Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Measuring Line

Sarcophagus at Santa Maria Antiqua Church

A story was incised

And all the faces hewn.

Their life was canonized

For futures to attune.

The looming of the giants

Left two paths of wreck.

To be more was defiance.

To be less were all in check.

Photo at Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum. 

Assured Passage

The beaten path was not certain.

The grooves trained my steps.

The beaten path was not protected.

Passersby never responded.

The beaten path was not intended.

The intent was beaten for the path to be made.

Photo of Rome, Italy.


The original time has come,

to make us one as we always were.

From this time, all creation can speak.

From one voice, an unending portrait.

Merry Christmas!

Photo of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome, Italy 


Photo from Vatican

The light that has changed has remained the same.

It is in each heart.  It is in each time.

It is ready.  It is here.

Photo from Vatican.

Inward Depths

Photo at St Anthony's Church in Rome, Italy

When I leave, this will remain.

Why I wanted it.

Why I needed it.

So that what has always been can be.

Photo at St Anthony Abbott on the Esquiline in Rome, Italy