Accepting that no more can be done.

The redundancy can be explained.

The movement is inherit.

Photo of Arch of Titus at the Roman Forum in Italy


Out in the Open

If I were to be frank,

I would just do it.

No hesitation.

I wouldn’t wonder and plot all of the paths.

Dissect the layers of meaning.

And find the intersection where it would all work out.

I would just be frank.

But then,

does that happen often?

Photo at the Vatican Museum

But it was good

Seasons end.

An image brings a memory of what happened and what didn’t.

A joyful mess of what you were and what you intended.

But it was good.

Photo of Corolla Beach, North Carolina.

Shared Existence

Pope Francis

It’s a time of good wishes, cheer and hope.

It’s my birthday today!

And also the Pope’s.


Original Version:

Pope Francis

Gift of a fruitcake or soap-on-a-rope!
Today is my birthday,
… And also the Pope.”

Photos from Oct 19, 2016 General Audience

Other photos I took of Pope Francis during my trip to Rome are here: Pope Francis Gallery.

This step

I chose a road,
But they came with me.

I chose now,
But they will be.

I left the load
And some left swiftly.

But we’ll remain,
Not one, but see ….

Photo of Rome, Italy

Top Shelf Spirits

I know my heart is in the right place.

Though it seems like an orange for sale,

On the bottom row.

Below the soda.

Photo of Rome, Italy

I’m getting out

The exit I was looking for was people who were against others.

This was the sum and total of my reasoning.

An elaborate escape plan

Reduced to binary thinking.

There’s a zero.  There’s a  one.

The exit I wasn’t looking for was there are no others.

They didn’t become one.

I didn’t become zero.

But I actually became.

Photo of Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Blue Ice

The fallen ice upheaves and people adapt.

They freeze or fly.

They’re enclosed or entwined.

In the extremes, they are what life has always been and yet, what it could be as well.

Photo of Rome, Italy.