Making More Needs

Photo - Rome, Italy

I may not stop at a place which had just what I needed.

Photo – Rome, Italy

If I could find it there

Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Love isn’t gilt.

Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Winning Side? (Thanksgiving style)

Photo at Vatican Museum

Well, some days the bird does win.

Photo at Vatican Museum

Joy drove first

Photo at St Peter’s Basilica

Joy and Sadness were on a journey together.

I think it was one of those long trips you take to see if the relationship will last.

Photo at St Peter’s Basilica

But first, this

Photo from Vatican

How can the short term reality seem so prickly when the future looks good?

Photo from Vatican 

Headlights and Happening

Rome, Italy Car Nightlife

Simultaneously enjoying the moment and marveling at how creative the journey can be getting there.

Photo of Rome, Italy

First a Nuisance

Photo at Vatican grounds

Things grow in unexpected ways, times and places.

It’s at first a nuisance.

Photo at Vatican grounds


Vatican Museum

In the middle of progress, sometimes life doesn’t notice or know.

And this life says it’s OK right now.

And you keep arguing with this life; the life within and in others.

Photo at Vatican Museum, Rome