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There’s still time

Baton Rouge Christmas Mall

There’s still time to stand eye to eye, becoming still and being met. Intaking resolute joy, So that to have no need of debt. And every plan of new descent is left for what’s unknown. Anticipation is cast off and full awareness hone. Photo… Continue Reading “There’s still time”


The original time has come, to make us one as we always were. From this time, all creation can speak. From one voice, an unending portrait. Merry Christmas! Photo of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome, Italy 

But who’s in charge of the naughty list now? My turn!

Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Someone made a list and checked it once Or wrote decrees in pencil. I’ve not had a chance to be despot with mandates inferential. Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall