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These ruins for the future

Across from the Colosseum I romanticized the past, Like I could be a part of something. I could align with ruins that remain. I have seen it. And I’ll show them. Although, it was beautiful. Building blocks, today, are shaped; half-directed by life, half-directed… Continue Reading “These ruins for the future”

Even if it’s set in stone

Last sculpture at the Colosseum

There’s the constant forward movement with a complete picture in mind. Then becoming the desired outcome only to be reshaped for another purpose. But then the picture was really only a drawing of a purpose and wasn’t complete anyway. Photo at the Colosseum in… Continue Reading “Even if it’s set in stone”

You can hear the ocean

Photo at Colosseum, Rome, Italy

What we cast off can say more about us than what we hold onto. Rebirth happens when the shell becomes the obstacle. Photo at Colosseum in Rome, Italy.