Tag: Motivation

Assured Passage

The beaten path was not certain. The grooves trained my steps. The beaten path was not protected. Passersby never responded. The beaten path was not intended. The intent was beaten for the path to be made. Photo of Rome, Italy.


The original time has come, to make us one as we always were. From this time, all creation can speak. From one voice, an unending portrait. Merry Christmas! Photo of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome, Italy 


Photo from Vatican

The light that has changed has remained the same. It is in each heart.  It is in each time. It is ready.  It is here. Photo from Vatican.


Upward. Accepting that no more can be done. The redundancy can be explained. The movement is inherit. Photo of Arch of Titus at the Roman Forum in Italy  

But it was good

Seasons end. An image brings a memory of what happened and what didn’t. A joyful mess of what you were and what you intended. But it was good. #wintrymix Photo of Corolla Beach, North Carolina.

This step

I chose a road, But they came with me. I chose now, But they will be. I left the load And some left swiftly. But we’ll remain, Not one, but see …. Photo of Rome, Italy

I’m getting out

The exit I was looking for was people who were against others. This was the sum and total of my reasoning. An elaborate escape plan Reduced to binary thinking. There’s a zero.  There’s a  one. The exit I wasn’t looking for was there are no… Continue Reading “I’m getting out”

Blue Ice

The fallen ice upheaves and people adapt. They freeze or fly. They’re enclosed or entwined. In the extremes, they are what life has always been and yet, what it could be as well. Photo of Rome, Italy.