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It was given

Photo in Rome, Italy

A clarion call with an angelic being proclaiming. The raised banner and the horses on lifted legs. So the sky, the earth, and all that filled them were compelled. But it’s all easier to see when you are on the outside of the picture.… Continue Reading “It was given”

Now, hear. This

Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls

I made a proclamation, but parts of me weren’t aware. So I made another even louder.  But those parts never woke up. Photo at Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls

Even if it’s set in stone

Last sculpture at the Colosseum

There’s the constant forward movement with a complete picture in mind. Then becoming the desired outcome only to be reshaped for another purpose. But then the picture was really only a drawing of a purpose and wasn’t complete anyway. Photo at the Colosseum in… Continue Reading “Even if it’s set in stone”

The soil portends

Photo of Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

If I were at the beginning, I could see how the road led me here. I could follow the flow of the oil of gladness and remain on portending soil. Photo from Santa Maria in Trastevere The Latin means (“In this, the first shrine… Continue Reading “The soil portends”

You can hear the ocean

Photo at Colosseum, Rome, Italy

What we cast off can say more about us than what we hold onto. Rebirth happens when the shell becomes the obstacle. Photo at Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

But who’s in charge of the naughty list now? My turn!

Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

Someone made a list and checked it once Or wrote decrees in pencil. I’ve not had a chance to be despot with mandates inferential. Photo of the Basilica of Paul Outside the Wall

It can be known

Photo of the Vatican Museum

But then I will know fully, just as I am fully known. Did the unknown hide from me or did I hold unto what I needed to be true? In being fully known, I imagine the undoing of a life of attainment in a… Continue Reading “It can be known”

Completeness Comes

Roman Forum

You can see in part.  But that will disappear. Photo at Roman Forum in Italy