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The days

Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy

If I bring new fruit with arms full, would past secede to dawning? If I hide my form in capricious tulle, would you accept the conning? If I bow my head like strangers meet, am I an untried Miss? This trifle I’ll do, but… Continue Reading “The days”

This Intimacy

Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy

He said to him, “You can do this.” So he then thought, “Well, if this has been done …” He said to him, “I have done this.” So then he thought, “I am allowed to try.” He said to him, “This is my reason.”… Continue Reading “This Intimacy”

This Light was then

From one source, each lamp is lit. Reflecting their time, archaic, but now. The wear of life, which never fit, The lights attire, the dark disavow. Photo of Apt near Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy