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et egredietur virga de radice iesse

Photo of Sant'Anna dei Palafrenieri

(and there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse) New birth taunts like an illusion. Where does it come forth? I waited patiently at the mouth of many places. I may have been changed. But I had too much sameness to… Continue Reading “et egredietur virga de radice iesse”

Go Deep

Mary at San Teodoro

Sometimes you side-eye them, but you allow love to change you anyway. Photo of Virgin Mary icon at San Teodoro in Rome, Italy.

Our Lady of Accurate Translation

Mary at St Peters

I spoke with an Italian in English.  I felt self-centered when she asked me to slow down a little bit.  I was thinking I should have been more mindful and done that anyway. It’s easy to be overseas and “forget where you are” and think… Continue Reading “Our Lady of Accurate Translation”